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Monarch DC-1250 Paperless Recorder

The DC1250 can record 2 universally configurable isolated inputs, including; DC voltage, DC current, thermocouples, RTD's as well as frequency and pulse inputs. 4 internal alarm set points, 2 alarm relay outputs and 1 digital control input are all standard.


A maximum sample storage rate of 100 samples per second can be set for both channels. CompactFlash™ cards up to 2 Gigabyte size can be used allowing data points to be stored over long periods of time. See the CF memory storage guide below.


A rear accessible RJ45 Ethernet port is available. With this option, the DC1250 can be connected to any standard 10/100BaseT Network, access and transfer data stored on the compact flash card. View real-time trend data and remotely control and configure the recorder with Navigator software. The built in web-browser allows real time data viewing with only an internet browser.


A front accessible USB port is available. Access and transfer data stored on the compact flash card. View real-time trended data and remotely control and configure recorder with Navigator software. USB port cannot be ordered with Ethernet option.


The DC1250 is supplied with a universal wall transformer power supply (North American plug) that can operate from 100 to 240Vac 50/60Hz. 

An isolated input power of 12-24Vdc is also available for use with instrument power supplies or external batteries. The DC1250’s real time clock and internal RAM have a battery back-up to preserve data in the event of a power loss.

If losing data during a power outage is a concern, the user can add the rechargeable battery pack option. With the battery pack option installed, the DC1250 automatically keeps the rechargeable NiMH batteries charged to capacity. In the event of a power loss, the DC1250 automatically switches over to internal battery power. All functions continue to operate as normal for up to 8 hours.