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Fuji Inkjet Strip Chart Recorders

PHE 1 & 2 channel


Available in one or two channel recording, the analog inputs include dc voltages, dc currents with shunt, RTDs and thermocouples. In addition to printing the trend recording, the time, date, scale and engineering units are also periodically printed (every 4-6 inches).


The digital display shows real-time values of one or both inputs.


Fuji Electric PHE strip chart recorders are extremely reliable and are backed by a three-year warranty.


PHE Programming Guide


PHE Users Manual

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PHC 3 & 6 channel


The 100mm Fuji Electric PHC strip chart recorder comes in three or six channels. The programmable inputs include most thermocouple and RTD types plus a wide range of DC currents/voltages; each input can be scaled for your particular application. With advanced math functions, the Fuji Electric PHC strip chart recorder provides filtering, square root extraction, subtraction, and scaling for each channel.


One of the most powerful features of the Fuji Electric PHC chart recorder is its ability to create a full complement of status reports - scheduled or on demand. You may specify daily and summation reports for any period of time from one to 24 hours. Report inormation includes: Periodic Data for Each Channel, Totalized Values, Maximum, Minimum,and Average Value for Each Channel.


Relay alarm outputs and RS-485 communications options available.





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