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Partlow West MRC5000 Circular Chart Recorder

The Partlow MRC 5000 is a 10" circular chart recorder that was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The operation of this chart recorder is so easy that all of its instructions fit on one 4" X 6" card.

The Partlow MRC 5000 is capable of measuring, recording, and controlling up to two process variables from a variety of inputs. It comes in two basic versions for trend recording – one or two pens.

The straightforwardness of these circular chart recorders is immediately evident just by looking at the unit's face. The operator interface, a four-digit display with three-button keypad, is made for simple daily operation and easy configuration. A clear prompting scheme provides rapid access to all configuration and operation data.

The operator interface also provides access to test and calibration facilities with a convenient dual function MODE switch. As if configuring the Partlow MRC 5000 wasn't easy enough, there's also an optional Configurator port for ultimate programming ease. Using the optional PC program, parameters can be modified, saved, and downloaded in seconds.

A quick look inside the casing and at the chart itself also speaks to the straightforward, functional design of the Partlow MRC 5000 circular chart recorders. You will find just one jumper to configure each port. The two pens, each with configurable spans, are positioned smoothly without any slidewire feedback; this simplifies design and improves reliability. In addition, the 10" chart rotates at the speeds you select.

Finding a place to install this circular chart recorder is easy, with its compact 2.5" panel depth and short 1.3" protrusion from the front panel. And, don't worry about harsh environments – the Partlow MRC 5000 comes standard with a NEMA 3 rating.


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