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Revenue Grade PowerScout 

Networked Power Sub Meters

The ideal size for projects large and small, the PowerScout is designed to monitor multiple independent loads on a single meter. Lower installation and commissioning costs while benefiting from revenue-grade accuracy in a wide variety of large building environments including multi-tenant residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and more.

Customers will appreciate that all PowerScout meters are equipped with smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch between Modbus® or BACnet®, Ethernet or Serial (RS-485), or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel.  When installed, the platform agnostic PowerScout HD Series meter easily integrates within connected products of any building management system (BMS) software, models equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols and can be easily utilized with any system.

The PowerScout  HDs are available in a rugged enclosure or as a circuit board on a handy mounting plate.

PS48HD for 48 single circuits or 16 three phase circuits
PS12HD for 12 single circuits or 4 three phase circuits
PS 3HD for 3 single phase circuits or 1 three phase circuit