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Rustrak 288 Inkless Strip Chart Recorder

No Longer Available, Obsolete!

Pre-Own Recorders now available 

The Rustrak #288 recorder is now obsolete! 

We cannot get new recorders anymore. However, we do have several "Pre-own" recorders which may fit your application. Pleases call or email us with your requirements.

A general purpose, one input, 2-5/16" strip chart recorder for DC voltages and current. This electro-mechanical design is economical and has stood the test of time. No messy ink pens required, it uses pressure sensitive chart paper. Meets most city, county & state effluent flow recording requirements.


Standard Features

Chart speed of 1" per hour, paper will last 31 days

Input ranges: 0-1 madc, 4-20 madc & 100 mvdc

Scales: 0-14 pH, 2-12 pH, 0-100%, 0-100 GPM

Custom input ranges and scales available.

Internal paper take-up on roller or exit thru top.

Access window slides down for writing notes on chart.

Made in the USA


Key Specifications

Recording accuracy : +/- 2%

Response time: 1 second

Case size: 5-5/8" H x 3-5/8" W x 4-5/16" D

115 vac, 60 hz powered

1 year warranty


Pre-Own Recorders Available!

We have a few good working used recorders available at a fraction of the price as new. Ideal for a spare back-up recorder. Each recorder comes with a new roll of chartpaper pre-loaded, ready to use. $750 each.

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